Wreaths continue to be popular and I'm asked to create them for weddings, funerals and, of course, for Christmas.

They come in all sizes and various shapes, and can be made up of just foliage (perhaps my favourite),  a mix of foliage and fresh  flowers, or dried flowers.  

So how long does a wreath last? This is a question most frequently asked and really, there's no set time. Much depends on what the wreath is made of and where it is hung. Obviously, a fresh wreath would not last long if it was hung above a radiator in a sunny room. The same wreath would last a month or longer hung on a front door in a shaded and sheltered position. I always try to use foliage that continues to look good, even as it drys out, so potentially the wreath could last for a few months. 

Fresh flowers in a wreath will never last for longer that a few days at best but I make these in a way that allows you to easily replace the flowers as and when you need to.

Dried flower wreaths will last for many months. Again, position inside your home is important as strong sunlight will fade colours. Due to the delicacy of the dried flowers, these wreaths should also be positioned somewhere they will not get knocked about.

In line with my business ethos, all my wreaths are 100% compostable and/or recycleable. 

Delivery within Buckingham is free, with only a small charge for surrounding villages. Payment and delivery is contactless.

The wreaths pictured below show just a very small selection of what I offer. If you'd like to order a wreath for any occasion, please contact me here or call me on 07810 892332

Wreath Heart Flowers

guide prices

Fresh Wreaths – from £35

Dried wreaths - From £30

Greenery Garland – From £40 per metre